Digital Strategy Services

Digital Strategy Services

Align Content To Your Customers

A marketing strategy provides a solid foundation for any modern website. Whether your goal is to build brand awareness, generate leads, sell products, or generate new visitors, a website strategy will serve as your roadmap, determining how success will be measured and defining how content will serve to attract customers and grow your presence in the internet.

Web Strategy Process

Сontent is king. This is a phrase that is circulating throughout the world of online marketing. However, more important than just creating content is aligning content with your business goals. Whether the goal is to increase brand awareness, inform readers or attract new visitors, content serves as an important step in attracting customers and expanding your online presence. A comprehensive content strategy will help you unlock the full potential of your content, using it to grow and integrate with other aspects of your business (including offline).


Kickoff meeting
Introduce team
Go over expectations
Setup timeline milestones
Dig into questionnaire 

Website Strategy

Business objectives
Competitor research
Target user profiles
Branding voice & tone
Content types
Conversion strategy

Keyword research

Monthly search volume
On-site targeting
Organic competition
Keyword value
SERP relevant

Optimizing UX

Information architecture
Structuring & organizing content
Content mapping
Strong call to action
Wireframes of new pages
SEO copywriting 


What we do?

A well-defined digital strategy is fundamental to the digital implementation of any company. We offer an inventive approach tailored to specific goals and conditions. Our international team of experts conducts thorough market and competitor research, using their global knowledge to define digitalization goals, target groups and unique advantages.

Track the feedback you get from your digital activity and use it to develop an effective strategy

Use various metrics to measure the effectiveness of your strategy

Exceed your goals and spur inspiration with constant feedback loops

Get a summary personal report made to identify resourceful optimization measures

How Much Does A Website Cost?

With any website build it's really important to get a good idea of a budget, but even more so is the purpose of the website and how it should work for your target audience. Is it a portal for information? Need to sell products? Need to manage a service?

Your website is the best and cheapest salesperson you’ll ever hire