Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Types of SEO

SEO is the process of improving both the number of visitors to your website and the quality of those visits by achieving a higher organic ranking position on search engine results pages. There are several types of SEO: ON-PAGE SEO is the practice of optimizing elements on your website; OFF-PAGE SEO refers to the actions taken away from your website such as link-building with other relevant reputable websites; LOCAL-SEO helps your business or service get more visibility in local Google search results, such as a restaurant or hotel in Paris; TECHNICAL SEO refers to website and server optimization, which helps Google crawlers crawl and index your website more efficiently, which increases your organic ranking.


What’s a realistic objective for your website?

The short and frustrating answer is – it depends. First, steer clear of any SEO company claiming your business is on the first page of Google – it’s almost always too good to be true.

Secondly, the effectiveness of SEO services for companies and services are dependent on things like how your website is built, the amount of competition your business has, the volume of traffic currently searching for your target keywords and most recently what the user experience is like in the eyes of Google’s Core Web Vitals update. But as a very broad rule of thumb, if you’ve never fully invested in website SEO services, your traffic growth can be anywhere from 15% to 50% within 6-12 months.


What will A-media do to achieve that objective?

To begin, you will receive a detailed audit of your website and digital presence to understand the best website SEO strategy for your unique business. The next step is to target relevant keywords with high traffic but low competition. Here we look for areas that will have the fastest impact on your site’s organic ranking.

You will start to see a real improvement in local SEO results when potential customers search for your business in your geographic area. And all the things in the backend of your website that might be hindering your ranking position will be corrected and tracked to make sure your business website meets all SEO technical requirements.


How will success be measured?

Website transaction revenue, website sessions, website new sessions, total clicks from Google, total impressions on Google, average click through rate.


How long until you see the results?

Corporate SEO marketing is usually not a quick fix. It can often take 6-12 months to see meaningful results, but if your business has never invested in SEO marketing, you could very well see strong results in just a few weeks. The good news is that SEO for many industries has a long lifespan – it may take a while to get results, but once you do, new traffic volumes will stick around for a while.


Why SEO is Relatively Expensive?

You can see SEO prices for as little as €50 per month, or up to €20,000 for a one-time project. When you go through those numbers and look at your options, you want to answer a burning question: why is SEO so expensive? Here are three important reasons why SEO is so expensive:

SEO takes time to show results

It takes at least a month to improve your ranking in search results, but often longer. When you use methods that comply with Google’s terms of service, it takes time for them to work effectively and start improving your rankings. Think of SEO like gardening.

You don’t plant a seed in the ground and expect to see a full-fledged plant in the next few days. The plant takes time to grow and needs sunlight and water to thrive. 

SEO uses a combination of strategies to increase your presence in search results. If you don’t expect to have a full plant a few days after planting the seeds, you can’t expect us to rank your site up a few days in terms of ethics.

Developing a personalized SEO strategy takes time, but it produces the best results.

SEO requires work

SEO takes a lot of work. It’s not as easy as changing a few things and seeing instant results.

Conducting an audit – before we start making suggestions on how to improve your rankings, we will review your site. This audit helps establish a baseline for your ongoing SEO efforts and a plan for what to improve.

Choice of keywords – an SEO specialist needs to go through the lists of keywords to find the ones that work best for your site.

Improving the backend of your site – we will clean up code, improve page speed, and integrate responsive design.

Optimizing for local search – requires integrating local keywords, as well as claiming and setting up your Google My Business listing.

SEO requires expertise

Of all the digital marketing techniques, SEO is one of the most complex and complex strategies available for your business. If you have no experience with SEO, it will be difficult for you to achieve results.

Think of hiring an SEO company like hiring a mechanic to fix your car. If you have no car repair experience, you will go to the local garage and get familiar with it. When you hire a mechanic, you are paying for an experienced automotive expert to work on your car and fix your problem.

When you hire an SEO company, you are paying experts to work on your campaign and deliver results for your business.

It may be more expensive, but you will see better results with your SEO strategy.

What Is The Cost Search Engine Optimisation?

The price of our SEO work is calculated by keyword. One-time payment and we will work until you see the result. Check out our pricing calculator.

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