Who We Are

Who We Are

Trusted web development company

A-media is a trusted web development company that serves small and large businesses and entrepreneurs by ensuring that the application is built in a secure environment. We design and develop user-friendly and easy-to-use web applications for various industries.

We are focused on providing high quality web development solutions based on your specific business needs. We take a systematic approach and offer meaningful web design and development services to businesses and individuals across industries, whether reengineering existing business solutions or new business solutions from scratch.

At A-media, we build faster and scalable web applications using the robust features of WordPress, Odoo, Magento, PrestaShop, React JS, Node JS, Ruby on Rails, CodeIgniter, Angular JS. Our web application developers turn your ideas into customizable web applications to help you improve the performance of your business.

Our Goal

A-media aims to make it easier for entrepreneurs and companies to create their web applications, as well as front-end and back-end web development. Our vision is to provide the most flexible, scalable and real-time web applications with superior performance.

We help our clients with the best digital solutions, using technical knowledge, and our specialists help enterprises achieve their goals efficiently and effectively. Our web-based approach allows us to focus on your specific business requirements and develop a web development strategy from a business idea to a successful web application using standard web development platforms such as WordPress, Odoo, Magento, PrestaShop, React JS, Node JS, Ruby on Rails, CodeIgniter, Angular JS.

Our Development Approach

Our development approach is easy and effective. We split the process into the following six steps:


Understanding your goals and requirements is the most important step in our development process. During this phase, we work with you to decide the what, when, and how, setting realistic priorities and a smooth workflow.


We create user stories, stories and a product map based on our market research. This, along with cost estimates and resource allocation, will help us transform your vision into a highly functional product.


Our experienced User Interface / User Experience design team will work on an elegant, professional and easy-to-use UI-UX design. And we believe that the simplicity of technology is the key to well-designed applications.


Our developers carefully code to create a complex application. While this is time consuming, requiring multiple application demos and trial runs, this step ensures that we meet your expectations. After that, your application is ready to be deployed.

Test & Deploy

Our Quality Assurance team uses several testing methodologies to make sure you get high quality software solutions. After passing several tests, the application, along with any optional updates, is deployed to your servers.


Helping you to launch your product smoothly, we provide full support even after the completion of the project. Our technical team provides lifetime technical support to resolve any technical issues that may arise.

How Much Does A Website Cost?

With any website build it's really important to get a good idea of a budget, but even more so is the purpose of the website and how it should work for your target audience. Is it a portal for information? Need to sell products? Need to manage a service?

Our Clients

Some of the brands we are proud to work for ...

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